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Outbound Experiential Education Workshop for Management Students

A three-day outbound experiential education workshop was organized for management students of 1st Semester at Nature Bound Sahaydri, an Experiential Learning Camp situated in the pristine natural habitat of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of Karnataka, from 18th to 20th May 2022. Students went through a rigorous 3 days learning under the course “Understanding Me”. As part of the course, activities were specially designed to test the students behavioral change and personal efficiency. The outbound program immensely helped the students to enhance self-development, social and emotional development, teamwork and leadership through its well-structured activities. Mr. P G Konnur, Chief Executive - Camp Operations, was the resource person. Dr. Ajay Jamnani, Associate Professor, KLS IMER organized the outbound workshop for students. College staff namely Mrs. Sapna Kulkarni, Mrs. Sushma Rawoot and Mr. George R. accompanied for the outbound.