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1.The institute is environmental conscious through the following practices and infrastructure.

  1. E-waste management:
  2. The obsolete computers are either donated to the sister institutions (schools) or the e-waste are auctioned to authorised recyclers.

  3. Efforts for carbon neutrality:
  4. Entire communication in the campus across all stakeholders is electronic, some of the platforms used for communication are official WhatsApp groups, emails, contineo (campus management system), collpoll, oust etc.

  5. Rain water harvesting unit:
  6. Rain water harvesting facility has been created to collect entire water from the terrace and feed it to a soak pit designed scientifically around a natural underground well. The total capacity is estimated at 14,06,331 litres.

  7. Verme compost unit:
  8. The bio waste is converted to manure with the help of Verme compost unit, the unit is maintained on a regular basis.

2.Alternate energy initiatives.

  1. Solar power generation unit
  2. The institute has installed (In April 2017) a Solar power generation unit with a maximum power output of 70KW which also full fills the power requirements. The total power generated by the solar power unit for the year 2019-20 (From April 19 to March 20) is 92267 units to 103869 units which is the total consumption of the college. The percentage of power requirement met by the solar unit is 89% of the total consumption.

  3. Biogas Plant
  4. The institute has also installed a biogas plant which supplies biogas to the canteen. The same is also used along with the conventional LPG cylinders.

    Percentage of power requirement of the University met by the renewable energy sources, Followed by Geotag photos of

  1. Biogas unit
  2. Rain water harvesting
  3. Vermicomposting unit
  4. Solar
  5. Lift

Differently abled (Divyangjan) friendliness

Items Facilities Yes/No No. of Beneficiaries
Physical facilities Yes All Staff and Students
Provision for lift Yes All Staff and Students
Ramp/ Rails No -
Braille Software/facilities No -
Rest Rooms Yes All Staff and Students
Scribes for examination No -
Special skill development for differently abled students No -
Any other similar facility No -