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The first-semester management students of KLS IMER participated in a three-day outbound experiential education program at Nature Bound Sahaydri, Sunksal, an Experiential Learning Camp located in the natural surroundings of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges in Karnataka. The program aimed to provide practical learning experiences to enhance students' social, emotional, leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills. The training was conducted from February 27th to March 1st, 2023, and focused on the "Named Executive Officer" an experiential education course under professional development program of NEP 2020. The activities involved were designed to challenge the students and encourage them to achieve their goals by pushing their limits. Mr. P G Konnur, Chief Executive - Camp Operations, acted as the resource person for the program, while Dr. Ajay Jamnani, Associate Professor, KLS IMER, organized the outbound training, and Dr. Shailaja Hiremath, Assistant Professor, KLS IMER, accompanied the students. Shri. R. S. Mutalik, Chairman, GC and Dr. Arif Shaikh, Director, KLS IMER appreciated the efforts of the coordinators in conducting the OBT in line with NEP 2020.