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Sales and Marketing Internship at Pai Bakery, Belagavi.

Students of KLS Institute of Management Education and Research (IMER) successfully completed one-month Sales and Marketing Internship Project on “Study to enhance the Sales Marketing Activities and Social Media Presence of Pai Bakery products” for duration of one month between 19 th August, 2021 to 18 th September, 2021 for Pai Bakery, Belagavi. It helped our students gain practical exposure through field visits and customer interaction. Thankful to Mrs. Jyotsna Pai, Managing Director and her son Mr. Pranav Pai for the opportunity. I thank Director Dr. Atul Deshpande and management of KLS IMER for their support. The project was coordinated by Dr. Ajay Jamnani, Assistant Professor, KLS IMER, Belagavi.

Student Interns

1. Priyanka Palakar (Semester III)

2. Anisha Maben (Semester III)

3. Sayadhussen Mulla (Semester III)

4. Rahul Murgod (Semester I)

5. Kartik Gangoor (Semester I)

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Ajay Jamnani