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Details of publication:
The following shows the details of publications of Journal & Research Papers by KLS IMER
Year Peer reviewed Journals National Journals International Journals Proceedings of Seminar/Conference
2017 1 7 11 3
2016 7 4 5 10
2015 8
2014 2 6 1
2013 1 1 3
2012 4 2 8 5
2011 3 1 3 1
2010 1 5 7
2009 1 2
2008 1
2007 2
2006 1 1 1
2005 1
2004 1
2003 2
2002 3 4
2001 1 1
Dr. Purshottam Bung has received the Best Paper Award for the research paper titled "Challenges facing mango processors of India and the feasible solutions" presented in the 12th international conference on ‘Global Contemporary Issues, Innovations and Future Challenges in Businesses” organized by Research development Association and Research Development Research Foundation, Jaipur in collaboration with Rajasthan chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jaipur and the same was published in the peer reviewed journal ‘Indian Journal of Management’, (ISSN No. 2277-3304) Vol.2 No.2 (April– September 2013 Issue).
Dr. Purshottam Bung
Professor and Director, KLS IMER
Dr. Kirti Shivkumar and Dr. Purushottam Bung were awarded a cash prize of Rs.10000/- for their case "R.N. Foods" as it was judged as one of the Top 10 Best Case Studies at ISB Hyderabad during Case Chase organized by SEE, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad on March 29th to 30th , 2012.
Dr. Kirti Shivkumar
Professor, KLS IMER
Dr. Arif Shaikh has received the Best Research Paper Award at National HR Conclave Organized by Rani Channamma University and Global Business School, Belgaum- Title of the Paper “Employee Engagement in Hospitality Industry- A Case Study of Hotel Niyaaz, Belgaum” on 17th & 18th February, 2012.
Dr. Arif Shaikh
Associate Professor, KLS IMER
Dr. Poornima M. Charantimath was an invited speaker at the Case Centre Anniversary Conference held at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on 8th & 9th Sept. 2014. Dr. Charantimath, had written a case on "Phoenix Products - Belagavi", which was selected for presentation by The Case Centre.
Dr. Poornima M. Charantimath
Professor, KLS IMER