Foundation Day

Foundation Day 2018

Foundation Day 2018

Industrialist Shri. Sachin Sabnis, MD, Belgaum Ferro cast (India) Pvt. Ltd., a successful entrepreneur from Belagavi, was felicitated with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Chief Guest, Prof. G. Raghuram, Director, IIM, Bangalore and KLS President, Shri. Anant Mandgi, on the occasion of the 28th Foundation Day of KLS IMER on 16th Sept 2018. This day coincides with the date of birth of KLS Patron and Industrialist, Late Shri. Raosaheb B. M. Gogte.

The felicitation was witnessed by eminent personalities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, industrialists, TiE members, Rotarians and academicians. Prof Raghuram spoke about the importance of logistics to tier 2 cities like Belagavi and how it could transform them in future. Shri. Anant Mandgi in his presidential remarks spoke about KLS’ Platinum jubilee celebration in Belagavi and its role in building brand Belagavi.

The Foundation Day event was preceded by the Gogte Lecture Series Talk delivered by Prof. G. Raghuram, and followed by SWAR SAMWAD - Flavors of Classical Music by Mr. Pranav Kulkarni & Mrs. Aparna Kulkarni of Pune.

Foundation Day 2017

Foundation Day 2016

The 27th Foundation Day Ceremony of the Institute was celebrated on Saturday the 16th Sept. 2017 at 4.00 pm at KLS IMER. This event is one of the flagship event of our Institute, which is witnessed by eminent personalities across the industry, academia and students during which we identify a successful local entrepreneur and felicitate him/her in order to foster entrepreneurship in the region. The foundation day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of late Shri. Raosaheb B.M. Gogte, Patron of Karnatak Law Society commemorating his contributions to education sector in general and Karnatak Law Society in particular.

Shri. M.R.Kulkarni, Chairman, Karnatak Law Society, was the president of the function. Shri. Suhas Gopinath, Founder CEO, Globals Inc., Bangalore and awardee of Incredible Europe (Austria) and Karnataka State's Rajyotsava Award was the Chief Guest. Shri Suhas Gopinath was recognized as the world's youngest CEO by various media such as BBC, Limca books of records and Times of India. Shri. Rajendra Belgaumkar, Chairman, Governing Council, KLS IMER was the Guest of Honor. Dr. S.G. Chiniwar, Director, KLS IMER welcomed the Guests.

Shri. Mahesh Bhirangi, MD & CEO, Pragati Engineering Belagavi Pvt. Ltd., a successful local entrepreneur was felicitated on this special occasion. The video and print profile of Shri. Mahesh Bhirangi was prepared, and screened by our faculty.

Chief Guest Shri Suhas Gopinath shared his entrepreneurial journey. He started at an early age of 14, managed a cyber cafe and built websites for U.S. companies. He gave tips to management students of KLS IMER and urged them to Innovate, build ecosystem of entrepreneurs and create employment.

Responding to the felicitation Shri. Mahesh Bhirangi, MD & CEO, Pragati Engineering Belagavi, Pvt. Ltd. emphasized on value systems being the strongest foundation of any organization and urged the students to have right skill sets and inculcate ethical behavior.

Shri M.R.Kulkarni, Chairman Board of Management, Karnatak Law Society gave the presidential remarks. He acknowledged the speakers determination towards their businesses. The key to success of every business lies in determination, dedication and hard work.

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, industrialists, TiE members, Rotarians and academicians attended this flagship event aimed at "promoting and fostering Entrepreneurship through building required eco system and converting Belagavi into an entrepreneurial hub". Dr. Purushottam Bung, Professor, KLS IMER proposed vote of thanks.

Sound & Light show on 'From Venugram to Smart City' - The story of Belagavi was conducted immediately after the function.

Foundation Day 2016

Foundation Day 2016

KLS IMER celebrated 26th Foundation Day, a flagship event, on 16th September 2016, which coincide with the 100th Birth Anniversary of Late Shri. Raosaheb Gogte, the patron of Karnatak Law Society.

Shri. R. V. Deshpande - Patron, Karnatak Law Society and the Minister for large and medium scale industries and Infrastructure Development, Government of Karnataka was the Chief Guest. Shri. Anant. N. Mandgi - President, Karnatak Law Society was the President of the ceremony. Shri. M. R. Kulkarni - Chairman, Board of Management, Karnatak Law Society, was the Guest of Honor.

Every year we identify a successful local entrepreneur from Belagavi, who has contributed significantly towards growth of the Belagavi, and honor him/her on this occasion. This year we honored Mr. Vijay Pusalkar - Founder and Chairman, Indo Schottle Auto Parts Private Limited, son of Late. Shri. Balakrishna Pusalkar - the founder of BEMCO.

The video profile of Mr. Vijay Pusalkar, highlighting his entrepreneurial journey, was presented to the audience comprising industrialists, entrepreneurs, academicians, members of management and students. Citation was read by Shri. Rajendra Belgaumkar, Chairman, Governing Council, KLS IMER. Dignitaries then felicitated Mr. Vijay Pusalkar.

Mr. Vijay Pusalkar in his address to the audience shared that having fire in the belly to achieve; having a focused mind; attitude of not giving up and remaining competitive throughout is the key to entrepreneurial success.

Shri. Arvind Gogte and Shri. Shirish Gogte along with other members of Gogte family and the dignitaries offered floral tributes to Late Shri. Raosaheb Gogte on this occasion and awarded Mr. Vishal Shetty, the topper of the Institution (2014 - 16 batch) with a scholarship of Rs. 15000/- by Gogte family.

Chief Guest Shri. R. V. Deshpande, Hon. Minister, lauded the achievements of IMER and Mr. Vijay Pusalkar advised the students' community of Belagavi to get inspired by the entrepreneurial journey of people like Mr. Vijay Pusalkar and follow their footsteps. He further said that today is the age of brains and brands and advised the students to become a brand in whatever they do. He invited Mr. Pusalkar to make more investments in Karnataka, Belagavi, in particular.

Shri. M. R. Kulkarni, the Guest of Honour, narrated the significance of Foundation Day for KLS IMER. Shri. Anant. N. Mandgi, in his presidential address congratulated Mr. Vijay Pusalkar for his entrepreneurial achievements and thanked Honorable Minister for gracing the occasion. He recalled the contributions made by the Institutions of KLS in transforming the students in to the brand ambassadors of Belagavi in various disciplines.

Dr. Purushottam Bung, Director of KLS IMER, welcomed the gathering and narrated the 25 years journey of KLS IMER. Prof. S. G. Chiniwar proposed vote of thanks. Event was coordinated by Prof. S. G. Chiniwar, Prof. Shreekant Naik, Prof. Sonal Revankar and students.

Foundation Day 2015

The 25th Foundation Day of IMER, Belagavi was celebrated on 16th September 2015 at 4 p.m. on the Birth Anniversary of Late Shri. Raosaheb Gogte, Patron of Karnatak Law Society. Shri. M. R. Kulkarni, Chairman, Karnatak Law Society, was the President of the function. Shri. Goutam Ostwal, CEO, Ostwal Group and President TiE, Hubli, was the Chief Guest. Shri. Arvind Gogte, (s/o. Late Shri. Raosaheb Gogte) MD, Gogte Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. and Shri. Rajendra Belgaumkar, Chairman, GC, KLS IMER were the Guests of honor. Shri. Venkatesh K. Patil, MD, Belagavi Oxygens Pvt. Ltd., a successful local entrepreneur was felicitated on this special occasion and his video and print Profile were presented. Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, TiE Members, Rotarians, Principals & Faculty of Sister Educational Institutes, Academicians and Other distinguished invitees were present.

The function began with the rendering of the invocation song by students of IMER. Dr. Purushottam Bung welcomed the gathering. Student of MBA briefed the gathering about the Foundation Day.

The dignitaries paid floral tribute to late. Shri. Raosaheb B. M. Gogte. Guest of Honor Shri. Arvind Gogte in his address appreciated KLS Management for the growth achieved in education. He said that IMER should make "Smart Belagavi City" by providing best management education. Prof. Sonal Revankar introduced the chief guest.

Chief Guest Shri. Goutam Ostwal in his address appreciated KLS Management for becoming a sought after Institution in management and promoting education in this part of the country. He briefed about TiE, Hubli and its significance in supporting entrepreneurs from converting their Business idea to reality by right contact at right place. He Also shared a lot of stories of successful entrepreneurs with a promise to conduct success story sessions once every 3 months at IMER.

The students of MBA 3rd Semester presented the business Profile of Shri. Venkatesh K. Patil prepared under the guidance of Dr. S. G Chiniwar, Prof. Shreekant Naik and Prof. Sonal Revankar. Shri. Rajendra Belgaumkar, Chairman, GC, KLS IMER read the citation of the Entrepreneur.

Shri. Venkatesh K. Patil was felicitated by Shri. M. R. Kulkarni and other dignitaries on the dais and Members of Karnatak Law Society, Belagavi, for his Entrepreneurial achivements. Shri. Venkatesh K. Patil in his address said that he studied at KLS College, and remembered the teachers who inspired him to excel in life. He credited his mother as the real mentor for his success. He said the idea of starting something on his own sparked when he was still studying. And turning point of his life is when his brothers supported him to pursue his passion. His advice to youngsters is “Believe in yourself & whatever you are doing and never lose hope, have perseverance, success will be yours”. He believed that for growth in Business one has to explore many known and unknown Business sectors. And “Trust & Empathy” is the mantra of success for Business Partnership.

Prof. Shreekant Naik introduced the President of the function Shri. M. R. Kulkarni. In his presidential address Shri. M. R. Kulkarni stressed on the role of Management Institutions in achieving excellence. He appreciated IMER for imparting the quality management education in this part of the country for last 25 Years.

Dr. S. G. Chiniwar proposed the vote of thanks. Networking tea was arranged for the benefit of better interaction and networking amongst the invitees and students. Dr. S. G. Chiniwar, Prof. Shreekant G. Naik and Prof. Sonal Revankar coordinated the event.