Spiritual Science of Yoga and Modern Day Life at IMER

The Centre for peace of KLS IMER, Belagavi organized very useful, interactive and activity based session on "Spiritual Science of Yoga and Modern Day Life" in our auditorium.

Ms. Beena shared various challenges that she faced during her early life and how she could overcome all these challenges through practicing yoga. She advised the students and staff to embrace yoga in their daily life which in beyond Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas and Meditation. Yoga is a life style which is free from all the dualities and empower practitioner with sat-chit-anand, i.e. Truthful, eternal and blissful life. Hence the whole world is YOGA.

Mr. Nayeem Shaikh enthralled the students and staff through quoting the examples of benefits of yoga. He also shared his Yogic journey since the beginning and narrated how yoga has changed his way of thinking. Through simple meditation he made the students and staff realizes how it can calm down the mind and make it more focused. He said yoga is nothing but merging of body mind and soul with the nature. Food that we eat, Air that we breathe, water that we drink, sun energy, good friends, good thoughts and gurus from whom we learn are the seven pillars of healthy living.

Dr. Purushottam Bung, Director, IMER introduced the resource persons and opened the discussion on the topic by showing a video on "Millennials in the Workplace" by Simon Sinek. Mr. Sunil N. Kulkarni, Librarian, coordinated the event.